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Join an exceptional group of passionate, dedicated community members by becoming a TPB donor today! Individual donations comprise an essential part of our funding. Not only do they account for 40% of the total contributed income that TPB receives each year, they also demonstrate strong grassroots community support, which in turn helps us qualify for foundation grants and funding from government organizations.

The individuals who support TPB share a common purpose: a commitment to the education of young people through dance.

When you donate, you not only strengthen our programs and advance our mission, you also gain significant tax savings. Your tax-deductible gift to TPB qualifies you for an Oregon tax credit if matched by a contribution to the Oregon Cultural Trust. Click here to learn more.

Please help youth ballet thrive in our community by making a donation of any size today. You can also call our front desk at 503.452.8448.

Individual_Donations_TPB_5-22-2015_1405Thank you to all the generous donors who helped us to meet our 2016 Annual Campaign Goal!

Norvell Family Foundation, Courtesy Ford, Mary & Peter Muhlbach, Patricia & Mark Mueller, Ahmad Khoshnevis & Bahareh Sadeghi, Karen Hennell & Gregg McCarty, Thomas & Elizabeth Gewecke, Daphne Allen, Rhobely & Rhobert Cotton + Oracle Match, Carol & Tom Schults, Melissa & Steven Peterman, Sharla Moffett, Olivier & Susan Logeais, Cynthia Kirk, Patricia Brewer Jones, Alan Jones, Andrew Hofmann & Linda Morrisson, Kathleen Conner, Linda Mattox, Lucy & Stephen Southerland, Jim Beall, Dave Barrett, Barbara Spears, Dean Richardson, Will & Kelsi Pollard, Jamie & Tamara Lindsay, Paula Kimler, Chuck Galford & Marion Rice, Nathan Ellingson, Christina & Mark Deffebach, Nancy Bishoprick, Jim Shikany & Karen Varney, Brian & Margaret Treece, Adam Barmada & Frances Ting, Lisa Meyer, Michael Jurica, Nick Jurica, Dorothy Greer, Carrie & Tim Anderson, Sonya Wilson, Seth & Angela Truby, Alice Muirden & Mike Grover, Bel-Ami & Mark Margoles, Doug & Lisa Malech, Julie Diamond, Sandra Bruce, John Urnhammer, Robert Todd, The Stanley Family, Kenneth Ching & Marina Rizzi, Susan McGonegal, Eileen Markson, Sean & Yuki Mandelbaum, Perry Lee, Bill Kness & Sandra Rogers, Georgann Kelly, Amy Karol & Pete Matern, Elizabeth & Michael Jurica, Paul & Bobbi Janssen, Jeremy & Helen Ives, Sandra Hyslop, Melinda Hutson & Alex Ruzicka, Hayli Heins, Alan & Lyn Garcia, Jennifer & Phillip Craig, Caitie & Matt Coleman, Sandra Bruce, Regan Cole, Jason Rodgers & Jessica Youngman, Heidi Wolfson & Karlo Kilayko, Grant Wilson, Dennis Wheeler, Eileen Threefoot, Paul Blechschmidt & Mitzi Sandman, Carlos Sanchez & Naomi Tsurumi, Cindy Ramsey-Tier & Rick Rier, Shannon Reilly & Matt Hogan, Brett Baker & Carolyn Reed, Amy McVee, Evan Leland, Nancy Davis & Jim Lane, Douglas & Brenda Graham, Charae Gibbs, Kati & Don Dimoff, Michelle & Jason Davis, Barbara Arzt, Sean & Kate Andries, Moing Lui & Hiroaki Naka, Suzi Lewis, Jennifer Luft, Colleen LaMarsh, Hillary  Barsky & Edward L Morgan, Carrie & Tim Anderson, Rie Yamada, James Miller, Bob Koch, Margot Shipton Cook

"Spring Recital", PCC, The Portland BalletRobert’s Shoe Box

Robert’s Shoe Box is a fund established in January 2016 to honor the memory of The Portland Ballet’s extraordinary principal pianist, Robert Huffman (1937-2016). As a founding faculty member of TPB, Robert was a full partner in establishing the school’s reputation for excellence in dance education. Believing with his whole heart in the power of music, he provided inspiration to dancers and teachers through his limitless piano repertoire. Whether playing clever and moving improvisations, the classics of ballet or his vast repertoire of works by Chopin, Ravel and others, Robert left students and teachers alike with an indelible memory of how music lifts body and spirit. He envisioned that Robert’s Shoe Box would help TPB students to satisfy their endless need for dance shoes. Originally funded through the sales profits from his two CDs (“Robert Huffman Music for Ballet Class,” Volumes I and II), Robert’s Shoe Box serves as a memorial in perpetuity to Robert’s devotion to the enrichment of children’s lives. Seed money for the endowment was provided by a generous donation from David Hill & Katharine Zeller.

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