Health and Safety at TPB


As outlined in our mission statement, TPB strives to provide dancers with a safe environment to learn and practice their art. Traditionally this includes things like: sprung flooring, easy access to hand sanitizer, clean bathrooms, ice packs for minor injuries and quick access to EMT services, etc. 

The pandemic has added more layers to our regular safety protocols. Of course, the first major measure TPB took was to close the studios entirely on March 13, 2020. In the past few weeks, as the pandemic has begun to subside and businesses have been able to safely open back up, TPB has welcomed limited numbers of dancers back in the studios. Current pandemic safety measures have been required to maintain a safe environment at TPB including: requiring masks to be worn in the building at all times, making restrooms single occupancy, closing dressing rooms, using separate doors for entry and exit, etc.

Now that vaccines have become readily available and the CDC and OHA have released new mask guidelines, TPB will be revising mask and attendance requirements in steps. Beginning June 1, Open Class dancers that show proof of vaccination will NOT be required to wear a mask when visiting TPB studios. All other dancers will continue to be required to wear masks. As we receive more guidance from OHA we hope to be able to relax mask requirements for Curriculum program dancers and increase class attendance.

We realize that requiring proof of medical information may feel invasive for some people. Please know that this is not a choice that TPB would make unless required be the OHA and that we respect everyone’s right to privacy. Thank you for understanding our position during these uncharted times.
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