2022-23 Curriculum and Career Track

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Winter Auditions for Second Semester Curriculum, Career Track, and Summer Ballet Intensive programs in January at The Portland Ballet:

Time: 12- 2 pm

Date: January 16, 2023

Registration: 11:30 am

Ages: 11+

For dancers ages 8-11 please contact Registration to schedule a placement class.

Audition policies:

Dancers should wear a simple leotard, ballet tights, flat shoes and secure their hair in a bun or wear a fitted leotard or t-shirt, black men’s tights, and flat shoes. No warmups or skirts. Dancers should bring pointe shoes if en pointe.

For questions please contact registration or call 503.452.8448.


Video Audition Requirements

Now accepting video auditions for the 2022 summer programs.

For registration and information, email

Barre Work

(maximum of 5 minutes; only one side needed of each combination)
Pliés, tendus, adagio, grands battements

Centre Work

(maximum 10 minutes)
Pirouette combination with pirouettes en-dehors and en-dedans, adagio

Allegro combinations:

Small jumps, petit allegro, medium size allegro, including assemblés, jetés, sissonnes, etc.

Pointe Work

(for ladies currently dancing on pointe)
Warm up échappés, retirés, double pirouettes en-dehors and en-dedans on pointe, fouettés


Include tour en l’air, entre chat six and a la seconde turns, if level applicable.

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