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The Portland Ballet offers a rare program for men only. Affectionately called the “Wolfpack,” classes are taught by men for men that address their specific needs.

Jason Davis, Nick Le-Jurica, and the rest of TPB’s dedicated men’s program faculty teach skills that are particularly designed to develop strength, poise, and discipline appropriate to male dancers. Partnering and technique passed down from John Clifford, Jorge Esquivel, Mikko Nissinen and Roudolf Kharatian are the foundation of the Men’s Program.

Male-Identifying Student Program Levels

Curriculum Ballet (Ages 6 – 22)

Advancement is based on ability, not age. Some students spend more than two years in one level as their minds and bodies develop and adapt to working in harmony, while others progress more quickly. Once a student has mastered the ballet technique appropriate for a level and is strong enough to accomplish particular movements, he will be moved up at the Artistic Director’s discretion.

Free Boys Ballet Class

Class Attire

Male-Identifying students must wear black tights and black ballet slippers. T-shirts must be white and form fitting