Thank you to everyone who helped us reach our goal!

Thank you to everyone who has helped support TPB over the past two decades and to all of you who donated to our 20th Anniversary Annual Campaign. Because of you, we reached our goal!
As we start to open up more and more, we look forward to seeing many of your faces in person again soon.
We continue to be grateful for this wonderful community, and we are so glad you are all a part of it.
From everyone at TPB, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.



Watch Jorge Esquivel and Artistic Director Nancy Davis in a spontaneous pas de deux!

Join us in our 20th Anniversary Annual Campaign and ensure the next twenty years of classes and performances together. By renewing this commitment to our community, we send a signal to the world: art matters.

Every dollar you give is invested in the productions that warm our audiences each season, in the permanent equipment that keeps a “spotlight” on arts access, and in extraordinary instructors who inspire the next generation of dancers and dance lovers.

Donate today. Our future is brighter with you in it, and as we like to say, the world is #betterwithballet.

With gratitude,

Donors who contribute to Oregon cultural nonprofits, including TPB, are eligible to make a matching donation to the Oregon Cultural Trust and receive a 100% tax credit for their Trust donation! (Up to $500 for an individual, $1,000 for a couple filing jointly and $2,500 for a Class-C Corporation).As an annual recipient of Cultural Trust funding, The Portland Ballet, along with many other organizations, relies on donations to the Oregon Cultural Trust from members of our community. The more you give, the more we get!

TPB’s Corps de Ballet are the generous donors supporting TPB through this unprecedented time are the backbone of our organization. We are forever grateful for your unwaveringsupport. You will be a part of TPB forever.

TPB’s Inaugural Corps de Ballet Members…
Dave Hill and Kathy Zeller, Susan and Olivier Logeais, Jose Pacheco and Dawn Thompson-Pacheco, Christina and Mark Deffebach, Don and Kati Dimoff, Lynn Stafford, Lisa Myer and Darren Ferris, Frank and Leslie Warren, Sandra Bruce, Charae Gibbs, Ngonya Sitemba, Melissa Peterman, David Nijhawan, Ahmad Khoshnevis and Bahareh Sadeghi, Jamuna Chiarini, Deanna and Warren White, Delci Syvertson, Heather Lambert, Sheila Kirk, Katrin Staugaard, Helen Goodwin, Amber Wagner, Keith and Sarah Walters, Fiona Smith, Jodie Trombly, Amanda Brindle, Kallie Buchmaster, Colleen O’Mahony, Kate and Matt Vance, Sharon Gan, Norvell Family Foundation, Iris Noak, Alex and Marlo Corrigan, Julia Dolan, Leah Madej, Kathryn Galan, Ryan Ohira, Tara Aarnio, Marci Subert, Kathy Archibald, Alice Crumbleholme, Vilay Fortner, Stacey Cutbush, Ashley Carfine, Ellen Lippman, Andrea Parson, Gregg Norvell, Laura Potter, Holly Brooks, Jennifer Hileman, Nancy Ellis, Maria Rodriguez, Catherine Kent, Vy Ta, Gaurav Gupta, Karen Bailey, Catherine Gurski, Karen Adams, Kuei-Hsuan Lu, Madison Stoehr, Kaytee Horton, Athena Phillips, Maureen Baldwin, Victoria Bigsby, Forence Bigsby, Jennifer Camp, Christine Brown, Ashley Marostica, Emily Conn, Jenna Sternberg, Laura Wilson, Kimberly Winges, Anita Neal, Holly Shaw, Susan Omura, Marleni Sinche, Anna Belesiotis, Laury Hennings, Colleen LaMarsh, Carol Nieh, Hillary Barsky, Chelsea Bushnell, Jeannine Chan, Daniel Criddle, Theresa McGuirk, Leland Purvis, Lauren and Carson Barton, Michelle Blake, Jessica Angle, Portland Adams, Eva Francis and Richard Parrot, Tara and Jason Miner, Leslie Funderburg-Vogel, Lene Light, Blyss Veer and Chris Sorensen, Jennifer Baumchen, Jenna Kay and Zack Taylor, Kimberly and Brian Lehmann, Tholanda Newborne, Mary Hansen and Matt McIlvain, Ernestina Fuenmayor and Igor Bruzual, Rinat Adhoot, Jennifer Podichetty, Abby Hata, Courtney Lakin, Meg Asby, Miranda Bickford, Dan Ruan, Anabella Salkind, Brenda Olbeter, Shereen Ankrum, Carrie Atikune, Margaret Hammitt-McDonald and Seth Goldstein, Xiaomei Wang, Jennifer Hartely, Tomomi Davidson, Lynde Perkins, Jade and Eric Gonzales, Heather and Scott Sidener, Laura Wolf and Joel Port, Manda Bednarczyk and Thomas Ngyuen, Yongpeng Xu, Vanessa Nelson, Heather Reid-Day and Max Reid, Anuradha Gollamudi, Aurore and Laurent Cariou, Jessica and Mark Lipscomb, Janina Malone and Baxter Gillette, Holly Frixione, Anika Bent-albert and Todd Albert, Eve James and Kenneth James, Anna McCoy, Jennifer Lagdameo, Quentine and Elena Fromeke, Stephanie Von Ahlefeld, Tomohiko and Tomomi Ishiyama, Salve and Tony Pascual, Valerie and Stefan Bird, Amanda Fairman, Alyson Day and Tim Kennerly, Mary Denman and Alexander Ching, Julianna Wolfe, Stephanie and Sean Tichenor, Jess Calvert and Matt Freeman, Debi Stedron, Nora Aaron, Gabi Hinoveanu and Jon Morgan, Linsey and Joey Ebuen, Naomi Tsurumi and William Sanchez, Eric Anderson, Pilar and Brian Vocker, Catalina Vargas and Daniel Santacruz, Patricia Dwyer and John Gaunt, Geeta Fogarty, Ahmad Khoshnevis and Bahreh Sadeghi, Jennifer Gwirtz, Hope Loughlin and Vijay Tummala, Kallie and David Buckmaster, Meghan Rachmady, Danielle Hudson, Kenneth Ching and Marina Rizzi, Caroline Budiman, Maria Gil and Eric Hampsey, Kati and Don Dimoff, Maura Okuley, Jeff Okuley, Azusa and Bob Rice, Silvia Liong, Heather and Steve Lambert, Meadow Sisto and Michael Roberts, Nancy D Vuylsteke, Colleen and Frank O’Mahony, Jim Trombly, Christopher Gorton and Crystal Cairns, Karen Varney and Jim Shikany, Sharon Kirkwood and Brad Olson, Sarah and Keith Walters, Karen Johnson-Will, Shelli Hutchinson, Anne Nichol, Mary and Jeff Labs, Frances Ting and Adam Barmada, Michelle and Jerome Swanson, Lisa and Michael Morguess, Ryan and Kelly Blaquiere, Deborah Kempe Ames, Edward Jacobowitz, Shari and Troy Marsh, Heather and Marc Schluper, Angela Beninati, Elisabeth and Brent Mesquit, Laurie and Steve Simpson, Alison Money, Christine Donaldson, Denise Williams and Brian Thompson, Becky Norman-Rodriguez and Robert Rodriguez, Alex and Marlo Corrigan, John and Kira Wehn, Tammy and Sean Stanley, Debbie and Craig Schmugar, Kathryn and Rohan Coelho, Myde Boles and Jan Fougli, Valerie and Chad Berset-Price, Taryn and Tige Harmon, Sean and Yuki Mandelbaum, Maria JoAnna and Grant Ahn, Sarah Halpin, Shannon and Tanya Lee, Caitie and Matt Coleman, Wendy and Robert Mansell, Amy and Craig Ayers-Hale, Bill Kness and Sandra Rogers, Daphne Allen, Richard Stein, Alan and Raven Jones, Elizabeth Steele, Laura Grimes, Lynn Ferber, Iris Noack, Lisa Olivier, McKenna Shultz, Tracy Wright, Barbara Arzt, Emma Martin, Anne Mueller, Patti Jones

All funds raised go directly to supporting teachers, staff, and basic operations during the Covid-19.

We are profoundly grateful for the support we have received.

Join an exceptional group of passionate, dedicated community members by becoming a TPB donor today! Individual donations comprise an essential part of our funding. Not only do they account for 40% of the total contributed income that TPB receives each year, they also demonstrate strong grassroots community support, which in turn helps us qualify for foundation grants and funding from government organizations.

The individuals who support TPB share a common purpose: a commitment to the education of young people through dance.

When you donate, you not only strengthen our programs and advance our mission, you also gain significant tax savings. Your tax-deductible gift to TPB qualifies you for an Oregon tax credit if matched by a contribution to the Oregon Cultural Trust. Click here to learn more.

Please help youth ballet thrive in our community by making a donation of any size today.

As a 501(c)(3) organization, TPB depends on enthusiastic and generous support from many sources to carry out its mission of building the next generation of dancers and audience members.  Our Board of Directors, donors, and volunteers dedicate their time, passion,  and energy to the organization, making significant contributions of both financial resources and in-kind gifts.  TPB is also very proud to receive grants and sponsorships from an esteemed list of corporations and foundations.  Together, these sources provide a revenue stream that allows TPB to offer substantial scholarship support to its students, and to provide low or no-cost dance experiences to many in the community through both programs and performances.

Thank you for all you do for the community and for The Portland Ballet!


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By Mail
Click here to download our donation form and mail your gift to:
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If you have questions about making a donation, please contact Kate Andries by email or at 503.452.8448

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