Thank you for helping us reach our 2017 Annual Fundraising Goal!
​2017 Annual ​Fundraising Campaign!
Goal: $30,000
To put finishing touches on our studio theatre,
 including upgrading to energy efficient and easy-to-use LED lighting.

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Thank you to our donors…
Sandra Hyslop, Elizabeth Eklund, Leslie Anton, Amy Benton, Kara Campbell, Michelle Davis, Laura Grimes & Bob Hicks, Elizabeth Guerin, James Hardcastle, Julia Harper, Kevin Hoover & Nita Brueggeman, Richard Hugunine, Erica Johnson, Alan Jones, Mikel Kelly, Sharon Kirkwood, Lisa Malech, Vicki Manning, Deven Morganstern & Callie Daly, Rodney Paige, Melissa Peterman, Ellen Pullen, Michele Quinn, Rodney Reeves, Louise Sarasohn, Jean Shen, Linda Showman, Cyndy & David Smith-English, Lucy & Steve Southerland, Wayne Starr, George & Edie Taylor, Justin & Tracey Tiret, Stephanie Tung, Jim Desmond & Elisabeth Williams, Karlo Kilayko & Heidi Wolfson, Anne Young, Carol & Tom Shults, Josselyn & Francis Winslow, Andrew Hoffmann, Olivier & Susan Logeais, Sara Behrman & Francis Rosica, Ann Brown, Ardyth Shapiro, Angela & Seth Truby, Edgar Clark & Janet Roberts, Julia Colson, Linda Mattox, Karlo Kilayko & Heidi Wolfson, Karl Citek & Patricia Logan, Valerie & Stefan Bird, Gregg Norvell, Elizabeth & Thomas Gewecke, Kenneth Ching & Marina Rizzi, Andrew Hoffmann & Linda Morrisson, Jeannie Davis, Barbara & Roger Stalick, Eileen, David, & Lucas Threefoot, Sean & Yuki Mandelbaum, Eileen Markson, Bill Kness & Sandra Rogers, Janssen Family, Patricia Brewer-Jones, Doug & Lisa Malech, Natasha Kautsky, Dorothy Greer, Mary Ellen & Richard Reilly, Kai & Robert Moss, Barbara & Bill Spears, Sandra Bruce, Cyndy Ramsey-Rier & Rick Rier, Tammy & Sean Stanley, Kevin Keithley, Jennifer Camp, Kathy Conner & Katy Rafferty, Roberta & Thomas Rinderknecht, Myde Boles, Michael Grover & Alice Muirden, David Hill & Kathy Zeller, Jamie & Tamara Lindsay, Jim Shikany & Karen Carney, Dean Richardson, Amy Karol & Pete Matern

Dear Friends,

Remember those wonderful old MGM musicals where Mickey and Judy and a bunch of their pals are so bursting with creative energy that one of them (usually Mickey) leaps up and shouts, “Hey, Gang, let’s put on a show!” They had the talent and the dream – all they needed was a theatre to perform in.

The same goes for us here at The Portland Ballet. And that’s where we particularly need your support this year.

Our students have talent and energy in abundance. But suitable performance venues are in very short supply, and extremely costly to rent. Last year we added a public performance for Career Track students here at our facility. In the years ahead, we plan to schedule more shows, to give more dancers opportunities to perform before real audiences. And to give audiences more chances to see our wonderful young dancers at their best.

If you’ve been to an event here over the past year or so, you may know we’ve already added more comfortable seating. We also replaced our clunky old light board.

Now we need to add the final touches. Our current incandescent lighting system is living on borrowed time. It’s hot and power-hungry. Replacement bulbs are going the way of buggy whips. We plan to replace it with a green-running LED system that can, among other benefits, cut running costs by as much as two-thirds. We’ll also install a curtain system that lets us quickly transform Studio A into a versatile, and very cool, black-box dance theatre.

As usual, we’re picking up a good share of the costs, and we’re seeking foundation support for even more. But their investment depends on a show of community support – which means we’re asking our supporters to step forward and help us complete the funding for this exciting addition to our beautiful facilities.

In the movies, Mickey and Judy could put on a great show in an old barn with talent, energy and a clever screenplay. In the real world, it also takes generosity, and that’s where our supporters come in.  Your investment will help us continue the exciting progress that’s making The Portland Ballet a vital arts resource for our city and our students.

Our devoted thanks,

Nancy, Anne, Jim & Kate

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