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The Portland Ballet believes that high standards and expectations help forge the next generation of dancers. Our students train within a results-oriented, professional curriculum, guided by resident teachers and guest masters with expertise in both the classical and contemporary repertoire.

“‘I dance, therefore I am.’ That’s the message sent by many of the young dancers (of) The Portland Ballet.”
— dance critic, Martha Ullman West

Many TPB students go on to dance professionally around the country and they credit TPB with supporting their growth and providing the basis for their careers.

As a dancer, I pay attention to living healthier, I have more discipline and I feel more mature. I love moving and being an artist. I love having something to work towards and seeing what I can accomplish.” — TPB Student

“…a rare combination of a nurturing, supportive atmosphere and very high artistic standards.” — TPB Parent

“We are proud that our boys have classes…just for them. TPB helps instill discipline, responsibility and a respect for the art form.” — TPB Parent

“I don’t know what kind of magic Nancy Davis has been bottling up, but the bottle’s uncorked and every viewer gets a taste.” — NW Kids Magazine